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Shortcuts To 840-425(71 to 80)

Exam Code: 840-425 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2017 Jan 840-425 simulations

Q71. What is true regarding Cisco solutions that provide capabilities required to meet the customer's future business needs?

A. The current state of technology will provide the capabilities needed by the customer.

B. Cisco solutions only provide capabilities for the current state.

C. Comparing the current state of technology with capabilities provided by Cisco solutions and services helps identify gaps and provide opportunities for more services and solutions.

D. Comparing the current state of technology with capabilities needed by the customer, the partner will confirm if the solutions sold helped solve the problem.

Answer: C

Q72. Which two options are benefits of implementing IT as a Service? (Choose two.)

A. Shift from CAPEX to OPEX.

B. Shift from OPEX to CAPEX.

C. Does not require technical support.

D. Increases device dependency.

E. Provides predictable expenses.

Answer: A,E

Q73. Which statement about PEST analysis is true?

A. Political aspects can be identified easily through surveys.

B. Economic and social implications are relevant only with the public sector.

C. A PEST analysis allows you to take an independent, outside-in view of factors that impact the customer's situation.

D. A PEST analysis often can be related directly to specific findings from the operating process analysis.

Answer: C

Q74. Which is the result of establishing goals, objectives and smart objectives in an organization?

A. Measured results with KPIs

B. An appropriate Project Management

C. A better CANVAS

D. A better Business Process

Answer: A

Q75. Which statement about a roadmap is true?

A. Requirements are subjective and viewpoints are fact.

B. It can be created earlier in a project, as compared to an architectural blueprint.

C. It focuses on a broader scope than an architectural blueprint.

D. It shows a path for projects or initiatives that is consistent with the architectural direction.

Answer: D

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Q76. Which option explains how a manager's viewpoint can be confirmed?

A. by validating with the manager's boss

B. by running a group session

C. by asking the manager for evidence

D. by restating the manager's view and asking if you understood correctly

Answer: D

Q77. Which three options are recommendations to implement change management? (Choose three.)

A. Involve real influencers that help create engagement and support change.

B. Deliver and communicate real business benefits periodically.

C. Consider change has been accepted when it becomes part of the day to day operations.

D. Only deploy the solution when 100% of the stakeholders agree.

E. Consider change has been accepted when the partner has signed off the project.

Answer: A,B,C

Q78. Which three benefits will partners see when creating a roadmap that aligns IT initiatives to the customer's business? (Choose three.)

A. Clear view of investments.

B. Revenue growth.

C. Technology adoption.

D. Competitive advantage.

E. Increased profitability.

Answer: B,C,E

Q79. Which statement describes a benefit of using SWOT analysis?

A. It allows you to confirm the status of a customer's specific improvement initiatives.

B. It helps you gain a broader perspective about the customer's strategic situation.

C. It allows the IT organization to show business leaders that they understand service-level impacts on financial results.

D. It provides a snapshot of the industry forces, competitors, suppliers, and market leaders.

Answer: B

Q80. When you select a solution, which option should guide your decisions?

A. lowest possible cost

B. most advanced solution, both technically and for the business operation

C. an appropriate mix of risk, technology capability, and business capability, based on customer priorities

D. must fit within the current IT budget

Answer: C

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