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Q11. Steelhead appliances increase. (Select 2)

A. Application performance

B. Data transfer speed over the WAN

C. Data transfer speed over the LAN

D. Quality of service

E. WORM stability

F. Prototyping

Answer: AB

Q12. In a single in-path design, in order for CIFS prepopulation to properly function at a branch office, the Primary interface of the Steelhead appliance must be:

A. On the LAN side branch office Steelhead

B. Directly connected to the AUX interface

C. On the same switch as the WAN side interface

D. In the same subnet as the file server

Answer: A

Q13. Which of the following management or monitoring methods are supported by the Steelhead appliance? (Select 4)

A. SNMP / SNMP traps

B. Email notification

C. HP Open View Console plug-in available on Riverbed support site

D. Central Management Console

E. Syslog

Answer: ABDE

Q14. What licenses are installed with a Steelhead appliance when purchased? (Select 3)

A. Scalable Data Referencing (SDR)

B. Windows File Servers


D. Sybase database applications

E. Microsoft Exchange

Answer: ABE

Q15. Overcoming TCP chattiness and latency are functions of:

A. Storage Streamlining

B. Transport Streamlining

C. Data Streamlining

D. Application Streamlining

Answer: B

Q16. You have noticed that your connections through the Steelhead appliance are slower than without it. All TCP connections show as optimized in the web interface. You are also experiencing intermittent connectivity and periodic file errors. Of the following, what could be the most likely cause of this slowdown?

A. Duplex mismatch on either the LAN or WAN interfaces or both

B. Asymmetric Routing

C. Link speed mismatch on either the Primary or AUX interface

D. Packet ricochet is causing packets to consume bandwidth through the In-path interface

E. Memory corruption has caused buffer overflow on write I/O to SDR on disk

Answer: A

Q17. When implementing datastore synchronization, a master and backup Steelhead appliance:

1. Must be within 10 ms of latency between the synchronizing Steelhead appliances

2. Must have the same datastore size

3. Must be running the same major version RiOS software

4. Must have the same hostname

A. 1, 2, and 3

B. 2 and 3

C. 2, 3, and 4

D. 3 and 4

E. 1, 2, 3, and 4

Answer: A

Q18. Login to the CMC appliance can be authenticated against what type servers? (Select 3)


B. Local



E. Kerberos

Answer: ABD

Q19. To run RSP which Steelhead appliance ports must to be connected to your network? (Select 2)

A. Primary


C. Inpath0_0

D. Auxiliary


Answer: AD

Q20. What WAN traffic problems do Steelhead appliances overcome? (Select 3)

A. Number of connections per second

B. Data deduplication

C. Bandwidth

D. Latency

E. TCP window size

F. Optimization

Answer: CDE

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