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2017 Mar 101-01 test preparation

Q51. Which of the following local accounts are available by default on a Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)

A. admin

B. riverbed

C. monitor

D. rvbd

E. root

Answer: AC

Q52. In which menu of the Steelhead Management Console do you configure WAN visibility modes?

A. In-Path Rules

B. Peering Rules

C. Connection Forwarding

D. Services

E. Simplified Routing

Answer: A

Q53. Login to the CMC appliance can be authenticated against what type servers? (Select 3)


B. Local



E. Kerberos

Answer: ABD

Q54. Which of the following Steelhead appliance models support field replaceable disk drives? (Select


A. 250

B. 2050

C. 6050

D. 5050

Answer: BCD

Q55. You need to purchase a Steelhead appliance model for one of your engineering branch offices.

Below are the requirements that need to be met:

- 200 users with 15 TCP connections each

- 15 Mbps WAN link

- Will be sending across the WAN about 20 GB of new data daily

- A Windows 2003 Server and video streaming Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) will be used

Which of the following models will be the most appropriate for this branch office?

A. Steelhead 2050-M

B. Steelhead 5050-M

C. Steelhead 550-M

D. Steelhead 550-H

E. Steelhead 250-H

Answer: A

Avant-garde 101-01 exam cram:

Q56. The default action performed by the Steelhead appliance when it receives a packet with an existing DSCP value 46 is to:

A. Override the value with a default of 0

B. Override the value with the value of AF11

C. Reflect the value received by the original packet

D. Reflect the value returned by the symmetric TCP flow

Answer: C

Q57. What are the default port labels on the Steelhead appliance? (Select 3)

A. Secure

B. Interactive

C. RBT-Proto

D. Fixed-Target

E. Pass-Through

Answer: ABC

Q58. Which forms of administrative authentication are supported by the Steelhead appliances? (Select 3)




D. Kerberos

E. Local username and password

Answer: BCE

Q59. It is possible to backup your RSP slots usinG. (Select 2)

A. ftp

B. http

C. scp

D. https

E. tftp

Answer: AC

Q60. What default DNS entry is required for CMC touchless auto-configuration?

A. riverbedcmc

B. cmcsteelhead

C. cmcriverbed

D. steelheadcmc

Answer: A

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