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2021 Jan 210-455 actual exam

Q21. Where is the option to.customize the front-page layout in Cisco Prime Service Catalog? 

A. The front-page layout cannot be customized. 

B. Admin > Interface 

C. Service Designer > Extensions 

D. System 


Q22. A cloud administrator for an enterprise organization must create and deploy a web application in the private cloud of the organization. The environment consists of two web servers: one application server and one database server. The application stack should be available only to Internet traffic while keeping the database and application server completely secure. 

Which Cisco UCS Director component should the administrator use to simplify this task? 

A. fenced application containers 

B. vApp containers 

C. VM containers 

D. application containers 


Q23. An administrator is trying to configure case-sensitive user login for the Cisco UCS Director Self-

Service Portal. How can this task be accomplished? 

A. The username is case-sensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role. 

B. The domain name is case-insensitive with LDAP integration and cannot be changed. 

C. The username is case-insensitive by default and can be changed while creating the user role. 

D. The domain name is case-sensitive by default and cannot be changed. 


Q24. Where are the main fault logs for root cause analysis located? 

A. on your local computer via an SSH session 

B. on the server where the application is installed 

C. on the database server 

D. on the switch that connects the database and application server 


Q25. In the storage system, which device represents the root partition by default? 

A. sda1 

B. sdb1 

C. sdc 

D. vhd 


Regenerate 210-455 exam question:

Q26. The IT administrator took a snapshot of a VM before upgrading software. After the upgrade, the administrator is no longer able to boot up the VM..To reinstate the VM snapshot, which menu option should the administrator choose in Cisco UCS Director? 

A. Revert Snapshot 

B. Rollback Snapshot 

C. Delete Snapshot 

D. Edit Golden Snapshot 


Q27. Which option lists the Cisco Prime Service Catalog support.approval guidelines? 

A. . Policy-based controls and approvals 

. User entitlement and role-based access control 

. Service lifecycle management 

. Financial and demand management 

B. . Built in role-based security 

. Management of API integration 

. Financial and demand management 

. Manager approvals 

C. . Certified installer 

. Network access lists 

. Service lifecycle management 

. Global directory access 

D. . Cisco UCS training 

. Extensive dashboard with large amount of features and extensive entitlement objects 

. Project management software 

. Financial planning software access 


Q28. Cisco Prime Infrastructure can query SNMP enabled devices and receive traps and notifications. 

Which two tasks must the administrator perform to receive this information? (Choose two) 

A. Use the Cisco IOS configuration commands to set read-only community string on an SNMP device, such as admin(config)# snmp-server community public RO. 

B. Configure these same devices with different credentials to send SNMP notifications to the Prime Infrastructure server. 

C. Disable SNMP on all the devices, then enable SNMP notifications in the Prime Infrastructure server. 

D. Set SNMP credentials (community strings) on each device you want to manage using Prime Infrastructure. 

Answer: B,D 

Q29. A Nexus 1000v is installed with the VSM in a switching module and the VEM in a cloud environment. Which statement is incorrect about the VSM and VEM? 

A. VLANs can be shared with multiple VSM installations. 

B. VSM module requires three interfaces such as management, control and packet. 

C. VSM L3 mode uses IP address to communicate with VEM. 

D. SVS domain ID can be same with multiple VSM installations. 


Q30. Which catalog type is used exclusively for the Cisco UCS Director orchestration workflow? 

A. standard 

B. advanced 


D. service container 


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