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Q1. A user is attempting to print a color document but it will not print in color. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST to fix the problem?

A. Reset printer IP address.

B. Change color toner cartridge.

C. Check grayscale setting.

D. Reinstall printer driver.

Answer: C

Q2. A laptop has a network port that is not working consistently and wireless is out of range. Which of the following would the technician do to quickly get the laptop back on the wired network?

A. Use a USB to RJ-45 dongle

B. Enable Bluetooth

C. Enable NIC teaming

D. Replace the motherboard

Answer:: A

Q3. Joe, a user, receives a wireless router from his ISP with a pre-set password and configuration. He can connect to the router fine via Ethernet but cannot see the wireless signal on any of his devices. The LEDs on the router indicate that a wireless signal is broadcasting. Which of the following settings on the router does Joe need to adjust to enable the devices to see the wireless signal?


B. IPv6



Answer: D

Q4. Which of the following is an advantage of UDP over TCP?

A. It is connection based.

B. It uses flow control.

C. It transfers packets faster.

D. It uses connection handshakes.

Answer: C

Q5. A user wants to quickly share pictures between mobile devices. The devices will be in close proximity so the necessity of a third party service and/or another networking device is not required. Which of the following is the BEST option for this scenario?




D. WiFi

Answer: A

Q6. A customer struggles with the small print of most smartphones. The customer still likes the idea of using a smartphone for phone calls and work. Which of the following devices should the technician recommend to the customer?

A. A tablet

B. An e-Reader

C. A phablet

D. A smart watch

Answer: C

Q7. Wearable fitness tracking devices use which of the following technologies to determine user activity levels?

A. Digitizer

B. Gyroscope

C. Accelerometer

D. Inverter

Answer: C

Q8. Which of the following are the BEST features to include in a Home Theater PC? (Select TWO).

A. Liquid Cooling

B. VGA Output

C. Dual Monitors

D. Digital Audio

E. HDMI Output

F. NFC Capability

Answer: D,E

Q9. Which of the following types of cables are MOST likely to be used to connect to an external hard drive? (Select TWO).

A. Molex




E. USB 3.0

F. CAT6e

Answer: C,E

Q10. A user reports an inkjet printer is constantly feeding two sheets of paper for every page printed. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason?

A. Poor paper quality

B. Incorrect paper size

C. Defective duplexer

D. Worn feed rollers

Answer: D

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