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Q91. A network printer is online and ready. The accounting group is unable to print to this network printer, but other departments can. Which of the following would the technician use to resolve the problem?

A. Replace the printer’s network cable

B. Modify the security setting of the print spooler

C. Restart the TCP/IP print spooler service

D. Use the manufacturer’s maintenance kit

Answer: B

Q92. A server has been configured behind a firewall and a website has been deployed, but customers are unable to access the website. Which of the following should the technician do to ensure the customers can access the site?

A. Place server in DMZ.

B. Change DHCP settings.

C. Enable port forwarding.

D. Adjust QoS settings.

Answer: C

Q93. A user has received an error message when connecting to the wireless network. The error indicates the IP address being used by the user’s system is already in use. A DHCP server is used on the network. After having the user disconnect from the wireless network, the technician is still able to ping the user’s IP address. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. The user has a statically assigned IP address in the DHCP server scope.

B. The system’s local firewall is blocking SYN/ACK traffic from the DHCP server.

C. The DHCP server’s scope has been exhausted and no additional IP addresses are available.

D. The user is also connected to the wired network with a LAN cable.

Answer: A

Q94. Which of the following Internet connection types is known to have a significantly higher latency than the others?

A. Cable

B. Satellite


D. Fiber

Answer: B

Q95. A home user’s PC has an over-clocked CPU with a relatively small heat sync, small fans on the 800W power supply, and a high-end video card. Which of the following is the recommended solution that will manage heat more effectively?

A. Replace the CPU heat sync with a high RPM fan

B. Purchase an energy efficient power supply

C. Not over-clocking the CPU

D. Liquid cooling system

Answer: D

Q96. Which of the following ports is used for a secure browser connection for an online purchase?

A. 23

B. 80

C. 110

D. 443

E. 3389

Answer: D

Q97. For which of the following types of printers should a technician obtain a maintenance kit containing a fuser, transfer roller, and pickup rollers?

A. Thermal

B. Impact

C. Inkjet

D. Laser

Answer: D

Q98. A technician needs to boot a PC from a USB drive. Which of the following settings should be disabled to accomplish this task?

A. Fast Boot

B. UEFI Admin Password

C. Secure Boot

D. Legacy Boot

Answer: C

Q99. A user wants to extend a PC’s capacity by connecting external devices. Which of the following connectors will allow the user to accomplish this? (Select TWO).


B. IEEE 1394




Answer: A,B

Q100. A user reports the cursor jumps around when typing in documents on a new laptop. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A. Touchpad settings

B. Screen calibration

C. Incompatible software

D. Unsigned hardware

Answer: A

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