2V0-631 Guide

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2021 Mar 2V0-631 actual exam

Q1. What is the most efficient way for an administrator to add multiple endpoints to vRealize Automation? 

A. Upload via CSV file. 

B. Export admin data to the vRealize Automation Web Console. 

C. Populate plugin data for each endpoint. 

D. Addplugins via multiple groups concurrently. 


Q2. A business group manager requests an email be sent out when resources in their reservations run low. 

Which option best addresses the request? 

A. Edit the business group's reservations and select Send alerts to group manager checkbox. 

B. Edit the business group's reservations and select Email group manager on the alert checkbox. 

C. Edit the business group's configuration and select Send globalemail alerts from vRealize Automation checkbox. 

D. Edit the business group's configuration and select Email all alerts to group manager checkbox. 


Q3. Which VMware NSX for vSphere components can be created on demand using vRealize Automation? (Choose two.) 

A. The Logical Switch 

B. The Distributed Router appliance 

C. The Distributed Firewall appliance 

D. The NSX Edge Services Gateway appliance 

Answer: A,D 

Q4. An administrator incorrectly enters password information for the darwin_user account and locks the account. 

What procedure can be used to unlock the account? 

A. From the vSphere Web Client, browse to Administration > Access > SSO Users and Groups > Locked Users, right-click on the darwin_user account and select Unlock. 

B. From the VMRC Console of the Application Services appliance, log in as the root user and enter: faillog -u darwin_user -r 

C. From the Application Services Remote CLI, log in as the root user and enter: passwd -u darwin_user 

D. From the Application Services Web Interface, choose Administration from the drop down list and select Users, right-click on the darwin_user account and select Unlock. 


Q5. An administrator has installed Application Services for a tenant group of users. 

What new role will give the group the least privileges necessary for provisioning applications into the vRealize Automation catalog? 

A. Application Publisher and Deployer 

B. Service Architect 

C. Application Catalog Administrator 

D. Application Architect 


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Q6. What vRealize Automation feature uses a library of standard components, or services, to automate and manage the update life cycle of deployments? 

A. Application Services 

B. Service Catalog 

C. Orchestrator 

D. Advanced Service Designer 


Q7. An administrator needs to enable a cluster to be used by vRealize Automation. The cluster has the following configuration: Which change to the cluster must the administrator make? 

A. Enable HA. 

B. Add additional ESXi hosts to the cluster. 

C. Enable DRS. 

D. Create a resource pool. 


Q8. An IP address is provisioned from a vRealize Automation Network Profile static IP range. 

What will happen when the workload using the IP address is destroyed? 

A. It will be automatically returned to the range for reuse within minutes. 

B. It will be batched with all reclaimable addresses and returned to the range daily. 

C. It will be permanentlymarked as unavailable for that specific range to prevent IP conflicts. 

D. It will be marked as unavailable until the range is deleted and recreated. 


Q9. When deploying a multi-machine blueprint that includes two web servers that should both service client requests, what type of NSX for vSphere service is deployed? 

A. An NSXfor vSphere Edge Services Gateway configured for static routing. 

B. An NSX for vSphere Edge Services Gateway configured for load balancing. 

C. An NSX for vSphere Edge Services Gateway configured for dynamic routing. 

D. An NSX for vSphere Edge Services Gateway configured for load sharing. 


Q10. What is required for a tenant to manage an item in vRealize Automation that was created by a vRealize Orchestrator workflow? 

A. A provisioned resource 

B. A resource mapping 

C. A resource action 

D. A published service blueprint 


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