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Which action can you take to prevent users from transferring external calls to external devices?

  • A. Enable the Block OffNet to OffNet Transfer feature in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • B. Block the National route pattern.
  • C. Remove the route pattern to prevent inbound calls from matching the gateway.
  • D. Create a new translation pattern to block external call transfer.

Answer: A

What is the default hold time for two peering SAF Forwarders that are connected on a LAN?

  • A. 240 seconds
  • B. 15 seconds
  • C. 60 seconds
  • D. 45 seconds
  • E. 120 seconds

Answer: B

What is the maximum number of characters that you can use in Service Advertisement Framework (SAF) forwarder name?

  • A. 10
  • B. 20
  • C. 30
  • D. 40
  • E. 50
  • F. 60

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
Which dial peer is matched on the incoming leg (POTS/ISDN)?

  • A. dial-peer voice 4 pots
  • B. dial-peer voice 3 pots
  • C. dial-peer voice 2 pots
  • D. dial-peer voice 1 pots

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-080 dumps exhibit
While reviewing Expressway-E logs, an engineer encounters an idle countdown expireDError that occurred when a Jabber client tried to register. There is a firewall in front of the Jabber client. Which cause of this error is true?

  • A. SIP inspection is enabled on the firewall
  • B. SIP inspection is disabled on the firewall
  • C. UDP port 5061 is not allowed through the firewall
  • D. TCP port 5061 is not allowed through the firewall

Answer: A

Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager tool verifies configured route patterns, calling search spaces, and route groups?

  • A. Cisco Unified Reporting
  • B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager CDR Analysis and Reporting
  • C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer
  • D. Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool

Answer: C

When dialing any external SIP URI for ABusiness-to-business call, an endpoint that is registered to the Cisco VCS Control fails to locate the remote endpoint. The same endpoint can successfully call another endpoint that is registered to the Cisco VCS Expressway. How do you resolve this issue?

  • A. Add traversal call licensing on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
  • B. Add traversal call licensing on the Cisco VCS Control.
  • C. Add a multisite option to the endpoint.
  • D. Configure a proper DNS zone on the Cisco VCS Expressway.
  • E. Configure a traversal zone between the Cisco VCS Control and the Cisco VCS Expressway.
  • F. Configure a SIP route pattern in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Answer: D

Two Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters have recently been installed. One is in Tokyo and the other in Chicago connected by a WAN link. You have started the configuration of a SIP trunk and you are integrating the dial plans. All phones in Tokyo can call all phones in Chicago, but no phones in Chicago can
call Tokyo phones. Which two statements are possible causes? (Choose two.)

  • A. The CSS of the Chicago phones does not include the partition of the route pattern to point to Tokyo.
  • B. The SIP trunk in Chicago is in ACSS that is not in the partition of the Chicago phones.
  • C. The Tokyo SIP trunk inbound CSS does not contain the partition of the Tokyo phones.
  • D. Tokyo phones are in ACSS that is not in the partition of the route pattern to call from Tokyo to Chicago.
  • E. The SIP trunk is configureDFrom Tokyo to Chicago, but not from Chicago to Tokyo.

Answer: AC

Cisco TelePresence system ex90#1 is trying to call EX90 #2. Both endpoints are registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The call connects, but the quality is not good. The video image is breaking up on EX90 #2. The media path from A to B supports only 2 Mb. Which three reasons are possible causes? (choose three.)

  • A. The camera on system B has a loose cable.
  • B. The line is congested, and QoS is not configured correctly between the sites.
  • C. Bandwidth Imitation between IP zones is set too low for video.
  • D. Bandwidth Imitation between regions is set too low for video.
  • E. The autonegotiation protocol H 296 is tuned off on one of the EX90s.
  • F. The system is set to use a higher bandwidth than the media path allows.

Answer: BDE

Refer to Exhibit:
300-080 dumps exhibit
After reviewing the trace in the exhibit, what was the Directory number of the calling party?

  • A. 2001
  • B. 5010
  • C. 1905
  • D. 2003

Answer: A

In an MCU call with three Cisco TelePresence MX800 systems and a mobile phone calling in, the three TelePresence MX800 systems suddenly experience low audio levels, but the mobile phone audio levels are
correct. What can you do to correct this issue?

  • A. Turn off the audio processors on the TelePresence MX800.
  • B. Use the mobile phone audio option on the TelePresence MX800 to adjust the mobile phone levels.
  • C. Mobile phone audio levels can vary, so you cannot correct the issue.
  • D. Turn on AGC on the MCU to adjust the audio levels.
  • E. Turn on ALG on the MCU to adjust the audio levels.
  • F. Turn on the Auto Adjust levels under "Settings > Audio" on the MCU.

Answer: D

Replication fails in a large Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster that contains eight nodes. There are no issues with reachability between cluster nodes, and the utils dbreplication runtimestate command shows “out of sync” or “not requested” statuses. Which reason that is occurring is true?

  • A. The replication timeout is too small
  • B. Authentication failed on at least one of the nodes
  • C. The clock of the Publisher is not synchronized
  • D. The tables on one or more nodes are mismatched

Answer: A

Drag the network-related video issue on the left to its root cause on the right.
300-080 dumps exhibit


    Explanation: 300-080 dumps exhibit

    When a user tries to initiate an Ad Hoc conference call from an IP phone, this message appears: No Conference Bridge Available. Which two actions resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

    • A. Make sure that the Join softkey is assigned to the phone.
    • B. Make sure that a Conference Bridge resource is registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
    • C. Reset the phone, to re-register resources.
    • D. Make sure that a Conference Bridge Resource is assigned to the MRGL on the phone that initiates the conference call.

    Answer: BD

    Which tool can you use to see SAF advertisements in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

    • A. Cisco Unified Real-Time Monitoring Tool
    • B. show eigrp neighbors command
    • C. debug eigrp commands
    • D. Terminal Monitor

    Answer: A

    Refer to the exhibit.
    300-080 dumps exhibit
    Local 10-digit dialing in the North American Numbering Plan to area Code 456 is failing. Which two changes are needed to enable 10-digit dialing? (Choose two.)

    • A. Change dial peer 210 to destination-pattern 456.......
    • B. Change dial peer 210 to destination-pattern 9456.......
    • C. Change dial peer 210 to port 0/0/0:23.
    • D. Remove the command prefix 456 from dial peer 210.

    Answer: BC

    After you deploy cisco Unified Commutations Manager Device Mobility in your environment, you note that phones in a remote site are failing to register. Which two actions correct the problem? (Choose two.)

    • A. Verify that the remote site is assigned to the device mobility group that matches its dialing pattern.
    • B. Verify that the phones are attempting to register with the correct megACluster in the device pool of thecentral office.
    • C. Verify that extension mobility is configured correctly for the remote site.
    • D. verify that the LDAP server is configured to support device Mobility at the remote site.
    • E. verify that the subnet of the remote site is configured in device mobility info.

    Answer: CE

    When troubleshooting a "disconnect code 65" on Cisco Unified Border Element, which option is the likely cause in the configuration?

    • A. missing dial-peer
    • B. codec mismatch
    • C. dtmf-relay misconfiguration
    • D. no IP address trust list

    Answer: B

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