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Q81. Which three statements about Cisco Flexible NetFlow are true? (Choose three.) 

A. The packet information used to create flows is not configurable by the user. 

B. It supports IPv4 and IPv6 packet fields. 

C. It tracks all fields of an IPv4 header as well as sections of the data payload. 

D. It uses two types of flow cache, normal and permanent. 

E. It can be a useful tool in monitoring the network for attacks. 

Answer: BCE 

Q82. Which three security features were introduced with the SNMPv3 protocol? (Choose three.) 

A. Message integrity, which ensures that a packet has not been tampered with in-transit 

B. DoS prevention, which ensures that the device cannot be impacted by SNMP buffer overflow 

C. Authentication, which ensures that the message is from a valid source 

D. Authorization, which allows access to certain data sections for certain authorized users 

E. Digital certificates, which ensure nonrepudiation of authentications 

F. Encryption of the packet to prevent it from being seen by an unauthorized source 

Answer: ACF 

Q83. Which four configuration steps are required to implement a zone-based policy firewall configuration on a Cisco IOS router? (Choose four.) 

A. Create the security zones and security zone pairs. 

B. Create the self zone. 

C. Create the default global inspection policy. 

D. Create the type inspect class maps and policy maps. 

E. Assign a security level to each security zone. 

F. Assign each router interface to a security zone. 

G. Apply a type inspect policy map to each zone pair. 

Answer: ADFG 

Q84. A Cisco Easy VPN software client is unable to access its local LAN devices once the VPN tunnel is established. How can this issue be resolved? 

A. The IP address that is assigned by the Cisco Easy VPN Server to the client must be on the same network as the local LAN of the client. 

B. The Cisco Easy VPN Server should apply split-tunnel-policy excludespecified with a split-tunnel-list containing the local LAN addresses that are relevant to the client. 

C. The Cisco Easy VPN Server must push down an interface ACL that permits the traffic to the local LAN from the client. 

D. The Cisco Easy VPN Server should apply a split-tunnel-policy tunnelall policy to the client. 

E. The Cisco Easy VPN client machine needs to have multiple NICs to support this. 


Q85. In what subnet does address reside? 







Avant-garde 350-018 topics:

Q86. Refer to the exhibit. 

Choose the correct description of the implementation that produced this output on the Cisco ASA appliance. 

A. stateful failover using active-active for multi-context 

B. stateful failover using active-standby for multi-context 

C. stateful failover using active-standby for single-context 

D. stateless failover using interface-level failover for multi-context 


Q87. Which three HTTP header fields can be classified by NBAR for request messages? (Choose three.) 

A. User-Agent 

B. Server 

C. Referrer 

D. Content-Encoding 

E. Location 

F. From 

Answer: ACF 

Q88. Which Cisco IPS appliance feature can automatically adjust the risk rating of IPS events based on the reputation of the attacker? 

A. botnet traffic filter 

B. event action rules 

C. anomaly detection 

D. reputation filtering 

E. global correlation inspection 


Q89. Which two statements about ASA transparent mode are true? (Choose two.) 

A. Transparent mose acts as a Layer-3 firewall. 

B. The inside and outside interface must be in a different subnet. 

C. IP traffic will not pass unless it is.permitted by an access-list. 

D. ARP traffic is dropped unless it is permitted. 

E. A configured route applies only to the.traffic that is originated by the ASA. 

F. In multiple context mode, all contexts need to be in transparent mode. 

Answer: CE 

Q90. What is a key characteristic of MSTP? 

A. always uses a separate STP instance per VLAN to increase efficiency 

B. only supports a single STP instance for all VLANs 

C. is a Cisco proprietary standard 

D. several VLANs can be mapped to the same spanning-tree instance 


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