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Q1. Which three type of ACLs are supported by the Cisco 5760 WLC? 


B. Switch Port ACls 

C. Router ACLs 

D. QoS ACLs 

E. Router Port ACLs 

F. Port ACLs 

Answer: A, C, F 

Q2. What is the best way to resolve this issue? 

A. Install a publicity signed wildcard certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server 

B. Disable certificate checks on the client. 

C. Use the certificate authority on the Cisco identity services Engine. 

D. Install a publicly signed server certificate by a well-known CA on the RADIUS server 


Q3. Which three statements about 802.11ac are true? (choose three) 

A. MU-MIMO is supported in wave 1 

B. MU-MIMO allows one AP to transmit unique data to multiple stations simultaneously 

C. when using MU-MIMI up to 8 devices can transmit data at the same time 

D. 802.11 a/b/g/n device are able to connect to 802.11ac radios 

E. it IS possible to reach 160 MHz by combining two discontinuous 80 MHz channel block 

F. 802.11 ac is supported in the 2.4- and 5-Ghz radio band 

Answer: B, D, E 

Q4. Which statement about wireless LAN security in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network VoWLAN deployment is false? 

A. EAP-FAST, if available, is the recommended EAP type for use in VoWLAN deployments. 

B. Although LEAP is considered secure for VoWLAN handsets when correctly deployed, it is recommended that a different EAP method (FAST, PEAP, TLS) is used, if available. 

C. Dynamic WEP mitigates the security weaknesses in static WEP, making it a viable option that can be relied upon to secure a VoWLAN deployment. 

D. When using EAP authentication, the EAP-Request timeout value should be adjusted based only on the advice of the VoWLAN handset vendor. 

E. When using WPA Personal, strong keys should be used to avoid a dictionary attack. 


Q5. Your customer is having wireless VoIP problems. When the Cisco 7925 phones roam from APtlo AP2, the voice drops out and comes back. The phones are set up for PEAP/WPA2-AES with CCKM to an external RADIUS server .The APs and WLAN are setup in FlexConnect mode. Which statement explains the issue? 

A. PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized Key Management, use EAP-FAST. 

B. The APs have not been added to the FlexConnectgroup . 

C. PEAP with WPA2-AES is not supported with Cisco Centralized Key Management, use LEAP. 

D. The APs have been added to the FlexConnectgroup . 


Q6. Which three options are valid AP modes for lightweight APS in the WLC 7.0.116 release? (Choose three.) 

A. SE-Connect 


E. Rogue Detector 

F. Sniffer 

Answer: A, E, F 




Q7. DRAG DROP Drag and drop the RRM function on the left to the entity that performs the function on the right 




Q8. Which two Characteristic of U-APSD are true ?(Chosse two) 

A. U-APSD is enabled automatically when WMM is enabled 

B. In addition to extending battery life, U-APSD increases the latency of the traffic flow delivered over the wireless media 

C. U-APSD is configured on the access point switch port and supports the Power over Ethernet feature D. (Unscheduled automatic power save delivery) U-APSD is a Qos facility defined in IEEE 802.11e that extends the battery life of mobile clients 

Answer: A, D 

Q9. Refer to the exhibit The wireless clients use VLAN 2150.the WLC Management is on VLAN 2149 and the lAPs use VLAN 2100 wireless clients report that they cannot access multicast routing enabled which two options must be enabled for the clients to receive multicast video? (Choose two) 


B. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2149 

C. ip igmp snooping 

D. ip pim-sparse mode on VLAN 2150 

Answer: B, D 

Q10. Refer to the exhibit. 

You enabled NAT to make sure that your WLC is publicly reachable . if other NAT parameters are left to default1 which statement is true. ? 

A. The AP WLC discovery fails for APs int local mode using 

B. The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsjoning the WLC using 

C. The AP WLC discover succeeds for OEAPsJoning the WLC using or 209 165.200.44D. The AP WLC discover Fail for APs in local mode using 



Section: 2.0 Network Infrastructure 

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