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[Practical] 600-502 Cisco practice exam 1-10 (Dec 2021)

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2021 Dec 600-502 actual exam

Q1. Which important task must an engineer perform during the development phase? 

A. Use comments sparingly in the code. 

B. Ensure that software components perform a well-defined task. 

C. Execute integration test cases. 

D. Gather initial business requirements. 


Q2. Which three requirement documents are needed when you plan a new software development? (Choose three.) 

A. Functional Specification 

B. Project Schedules 

C. Building a Proof of Concept 

D. Development Tools and Environment 

E. End User Training 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q3. Which three options are valid HTTP/1.1 methods? (Choose three.) 





Answer: A,B,C 

Q4. Which option describes a semaphore data structure? 

A. an array data structure to get command line options 

B. an atomic data structure to be used for inter-process communication 

C. a simple data structure to return an error code 

D. a list of data structure to graph coordinate data 


Q5. Which packaging is correct for a Java web application that is enabled for Cisco onePK? 

A. .jar file 

B. .tar file 

C. .war file 

D. .exe file 

E. .zip file 


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Q6. Refer to the exhibit Which two entries in the Python script fragment are inaccurate? (Choose two.) 

A. The import declarations are incorrect. 

B. The device IP address cannot be specified without escaping the periods (.) with \ character. 

C. The first argument to ne.connect should be all capital letters. 

D. The second argument to ne.connect should be all capital letters. 

E. ne=NetworkInterface() is the wrong class. 

Answer: A,E 

Q7. Which two actions can be done in a Python language list or Java language array? (Choose two.) 

A. Lists/arrays can only be indexed by integers. 

B. Lists/arrays can be indexed by integers and strings. 

C. Lists/arrays can access an arbitrary element in constant time. 

D. Lists/arrays can access an arbitrary element in linear time. 

Answer: A,C 

Q8. Which type of testing ensures that new code changes in one area of the software do not break or introduce defects in another area? 

A. regression testing 

B. unit testing 

C. reassurance testing 

D. functional stability testing 

E. black box testing 

F. white box testing 

G. system integrity check 


Q9. Which statement describes what Cisco onePK SDK is used for? 

A. It allows the application to communicate with an OpenDaylight controller. 

B. It allows the application to communicate with network elements. 

C. It allows the application to provide a REST API to a centralized controller. 

D. It allows the application to talk to any network element that supports OpenFlow. 


Q10. You need to stop a Cisco onePK application quickly on a router. 

Which CLI command should you use to stop the application called CPU_hog_App? 

A. #show onep session all [Get the Session_ID] #stop onep session Session_ID 

B. #stop onep session all 

C. #show onep session all [Get one-pk Session_ID] #onep stop session Session_ID 

D. #onep stop session CPU_hog_App 

E. #show onep session all [Get the Session_ID] #onep stop session CPU_hog_App-Session_ID 


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