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2021 Aug 640-792 tptech:

Q1. Which port is indicated on the right Secondary Codec for the CTS-3210? 

A. Right Display 

B. Right Camera 

C. Center Display 

D. Left Display 

Answer: B 

Q2. Where do you check the firmware code of the Primary Codec using the CTS Web GUI? 

A. Select Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup. 

B. It will be listed on the Device Information page under hardware/software versions. 

C. Select Troubleshooting > Hardware Setup > Other Devices. 

D. Select Configuration > System Settings 

Answer: B 

Q3. Which three hardware components are included on the Cisco TelePresence 1300? (Choose three) 

A. Four LED light fixtures 

B. One 65" plasma display 

C. Presentation Codec 

D. Three high-definition cameras 

E. Digital media player 

Answer: B, C, D 

Q4. Which port is indicated on the Auxiliary Control Unit for the CTS-1100 and 1300? 

A. Auxiliary Collaboration Display 

B. Serial Control for Projector 

C. Lights 

D. Serial Control for Dimmer Box 

Answer: B 



CTS-500 – 1-2 participants in a home/executive office 

CTS-1100 – 2 participants in multipurpose room 

CTS-1300 – 6 participants in multipurpose room 

CTS-3010 – 6 participants in dedicated telepresence room 

CTS-3210 – up to 10 participants in dedicated telepresence room 

Q5. A. Audio Collaborate Video (Out) 

B. PC Video (In) 

C. Main Video (Out) 

D. Main Camera Video (In) 

Answer: B 

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Improved 640-792 tptech:

Q6. The Cisco TelePresence 1100 is designed to typically support how many meeting participants7 

A. 2 

B. 4 

C. 6 

D. 8 

Answer: A 

Q7. Which CTS endpoint allows you to choose the table type in the administration GUI? 

A. CTS-3200 

B. CTS-3010 

C. CTS-1300 

D. CTS-500 

Answer: A 

Q8. Which three hardware components are optional on the Cisco TelePresence 1100? (Choose three) 

A. Four LED light fixtures 

B. Digital media player 

C. One high-definition camera 

D. Document camera 

E. Presentation Codec 

Answer: B, D, E 

Q9. Which port is indicated on the Primary Codec for the CTS-3010? 

A. Left Camera Control 

B. Center Camera Control 

C. Right Secondary Codec 

D. Left Secondary Codec 

Answer: D 

Q10. Which transport layer protocol is used for real-time voice and video traffic? 





Answer: B 

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