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Q11. Where does Cisco Nexus Operating System store the startup configuration file? 


B. flash 

C. bootflash 

D. volatile 


Answer: E

Q12. Which four statements indicate unique properties of VLAN 1 on Cisco Nexus switches? (Choose four.) 

A. VLAN 1 is used to flood multicast traffic. 

B. VLAN 1 cannot be deleted. 

C. VLAN 1 is used for Cisco Discovery Protocol. 

D. VLAN 1 is used for VTP advertisements. 

E. VLAN 1 defines a collision domain. 

F. VLAN 1 defines a broadcast domain. 

Answer: BCDF

Q13. Which two networking devices forward data based on destination MAC address? (Choose two.) 

A. repeater 

B. bridge 

C. switch 

D. router 

E. hub 

Answer: BC

Q14. What are two attributes of a VLAN? (Choose two.) 

A. A VLAN defines a collision domain. 

B. A VLAN defines a broadcast domain. 

C. Broadcasts are flooded to all VLANs. 

D. Collisions are flooded to all VLANs. 

E. A Layer 3 device is required to route packets between VLANs. 

F. A Layer 2 device is required to route packets between VLANs. 

Answer: BE

Q15. What is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number 0x718? 

A. 718 

B. 1816 

C. 2907 

D. 3511 

Answer: B

Q16. What are two default user roles in Cisco Nexus Operating System? (Choose two.) 

A. Admin 

B. Network Operator 

C. Operator 

D. Storage Operator 

E. Root 

F. System Manager 

Answer: AC

Q17. What are three modular Layer 2 processes in Cisco Nexus Operating System? (Choose three.) 





E. Cisco Discovery Protocol 


Answer: ADE

Q18. Which field in an Ethernet II frame performs the same function as the DSAP field in an 802.3 Ethernet frame? 

A. start of frame 

B. EtherType 

C. frame check sequence 

D. Subnetwork Access Protocol 

E. Logical Link Control 

Answer: B

Q19. What is the subnet mask for the network 







Answer: C

Q20. Which network topology is most closely associated with FDDI? 

A. bus 

B. token passing bus 

C. star 

D. extended star 

E. ring 

Answer: E

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