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Exam Code: cisco 640 911 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking - DCICN
Certification Provider: Cisco
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Q31. What is the minimum required command to enter global configuration mode on a Cisco Nexus switch? 

A. nexus# con 

B. nexus# configure 

C. nexus# configure global 

D. nexus# configure terminal 

Answer: A

Q32. Which statement is correct regarding a routed port on a multilayer switch? 

A. A routed port requires an SVI definition. 

B. Routed ports cannot be configured on a multilayer switch that uses SVIs. 

C. A maximum of 32 routed ports can be provisioned on a given multilayer switch. 

D. A routed port is a physical port that supports Layer 3 routing. 

Answer: D

Q33. What are two features of a bridge? (Choose two.) 

A. reliable transmission 

B. operate at OSI Layer 2 

C. operate at OSI Layer 3 

D. create multiple broadcast domains 

E. create multiple collision domains 

F. flood input packets to all ports 

G. drop IP packets with invalid destination ports 

Answer: BE

Q34. What is required to allow devices that are using RFC 1918 addresses to communicate over the Internet? 

A. A private to public VLAN must be defined on the Internet border device. 

B. The Internet firewall must permit RFC 1918 addresses. 

C. VLAN translation is required on the Internet border device. 

D. Network address translation is required on the Internet border device. 

Answer: D

Q35. Which two options represent a subnet mask that allows for a maximum of 14 available host addresses on a subnet? (Choose two.) 





E. /14 

F. /21 

G. /26 

H. /28 

Answer: AH

Q36. What does RIPv1 send to its neighbors? 

A. information about changed routes 

B. information about new routes 

C. the entire routing table 

D. information about deleted routes 

Answer: C

Q37. What is the function of the Tab key on the Cisco Nexus Operating System command-line interface? 

A. redisplays the current command line 

B. deletes all characters from the cursor to the end of the command line 

C. clears the terminal screen 

D. completes a partially entered command if enough characters are present 

E. moves the cursor one word to the right 

Answer: D

Q38. On a new Cisco Nexus switch, you receive an error message when you attempt to create an SVI. What is the first command you must use to create the SVI? 

A. interface vlan (vlan_id) 

B. vlan (vlan_id) 

C. feature svi 

D. interface routed 

Answer: C

Q39. Which command should you use to configure a Cisco Nexus switch port for Layer 2 operation? 

A. nexus(config-if)#switchport 

B. nexus(config-if)#layer-2 

C. nexus(config-if)#routed 

D. nexus(config)#interface vlan 10 nexus(config-if)#switchport 

Answer: A

Q40. Which two layers of the OSI model relate to the transmission of bits over the wire and packet forwarding based on destination IP address? (Choose two.) 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 

Answer: AC

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