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2021 Nov cisco 642-732:

Q21. When performing a post-installation audit with an auditing tool such as Ekahau, which three steps are associated with the passive portion of the audit? (Choose three.) 

A. Check for co-channel interference. 

B. Make sure you emulate your customer client. 

C. Survey by SSID to ensure roaming is taking place. 

D. Check that you have adequate signal levels as surveyed. 

E. Verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packet loss meets user requirements. 

F. Verify AP announced data rate coverage. 

Answer: A,D,F 



Q23. Which three types of WLAN data, location, and voice testing should be included in the installation customer report? (Choose three.) 

A. Results of the coverage audit performed with the site survey mapping tool per media installed on 802.11a/b/g/n networks 

B. Results of the WCS planning tool 

C. Results from Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster failover tests 

D. Results of a location readiness test 

E. Results from a WCS WLAN client audit 

F. Results from an ISP throughput test 

Answer: A,D,F 

Q24. How many location points are needed to validate both 802.11b/g and 802.11a in the Cisco WCS Calibration? 

A. 50 

B. 100 

C. 150 

D. 200 

E. 300 


Q25. An engineer installed a 1252 AP and is getting power from the switch. However, devices connected to the wireless network cannot get 802.11n data rates. What supported switchport protocol or standard could be the reason for this? 

A. 802.3af 

B. 802.3at 

C. 802.1p 

D. 802.11e 


Updated 642-732 book:

Q26. What two types of antennas have a high gain, narrow beam width, and are typically used for point-to-point bridging? (Choose two.) 

A. dipole antenna 

B. Yagi antenna 

C. patch antenna 

D. parabolic dish antenna 

E. omni-directional 

F. monopole antenna 

Answer: B,D 

Q27. Which three statements describe WLAN RF interaction with environmental situations? (Choose three.) 

A. Outdoor rain or indoor humidity affects diffraction. 

B. Outdoor rain or indoor humidity affects attenuation. 

C. RF frequency is inversely related to attenuation. 

D. RF frequency is directly related to attenuation. 

E. The human body affects diffusion. 

F. The human body affects attenuation. 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q28. When using WCS 7.0 to calibrate a floor in a facility, which two factors are common to the point and linear calibration methods? (Choose two.) 

A. You must go through each collection point at a speed that isn't too fast to collect too much information nor too slow which limits the amount of information collected. 

B. You must sample both the 802.11a/n and the 802.11b/g/n network separately. 

C. If one collection point in the linear or point collection method is missed, you have to start at the beginning again. 

D. Rotating the client is only required during the point collection process because the linear method is a slowly moving process. 

E. You will only need to combine the linear and point collection methods in special spaces like hallways. 

Answer: A,B 

Q29. In post-deployment testing you have identified an area where there is a substantial rate-shift issue causing problems with the existing Cisco 7921 phones. How might you resolve this issue? 

A. Increase the AP power level to maintain higher throughput further away from the AP. 

B. Increase client RSSI, SNR, and retry values to maintain connectivity to the original AP for as long as possible. 

C. Change VoWLAN to 7925 phones. 

D. Reduce the power level of the AP so that roaming occurs before the client experiences the substantial rate shift. 


Q30. You have completed a site survey for a customer that refurbishes/remanufactures automobile engines. The site survey has determined that there are approximately 70 clients in the facility, but because of the large number of engines as many as 2500 RFID tags will need to be tracked through location services to provide historical location information and audit trails. The results of the site survey require 60 APs for data and location services. How many version 7.0 controller(s) will provide the most cost effective solution? 

A. 1 Cisco Catalyst 6500 Wireless Services Module generation 2 (WiSM 2) with a 100 AP license 

B. 3 Cisco 2500 controllers with 25 AP licenses 

C. 2 Cisco 2500 controllers with 50 AP licenses 

D. 1 Cisco 5500 controller with a 50 AP license and a 25 AP license upgrade 


153. Which two details are specified in the Executive Summary section of the Site Survey Report? (Choose two.) 

A. proposed location for each AP 

B. customer and site surveyor contact details 

C. total number of APs 

D. expressed requirements set by customer 

E. coverage map 

Answer: C,D 

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