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Q11. You have upgraded your Cisco Nexus 7009 Switches and converted the default VDC to an admin VDC. You notice that all of the ACLs are still present on the admin VDC after the conversion. What should you do? 

A. enable configuration synchronization between the admin VDC and the production VDCs 

B. delete the ACLs 

C. delete all ACLs except those related to CoPP 

D. delete all ACLs except those bound to resource templates 

E. use the system admin-vdc acl command to properly migrate ACLs 


Q12. Refer to exhibit. 

Customer has a pair of Cisco Nexus7010s switches and connected to a single Cisco Nexus5548 switch via vPC. Customer has a combination of M1 and F1 I/O Modules in Cisco Nexus7010s. 

Why is the design described not supported? 

A. Mixing I/O Modules on the Same Side of a Peer Link is not supported 

B. vPC does not support split control plane 

C. You can not configure a vPC peer link to configure two devices as vPCs 

D. Need to add another Cisco Nexus5548 switch to the topology to make this work. 


Q13. Refer to the exhibit. 

VSAN traffic is not being routed through SAN fabric. Which action is helpful to resolve the problem? 

A. Make sure that the FSPF hello interval value matches on both switches. 

B. Change the FSPF hello timer back to the default of 5 seconds. 

C. Make sure that the FSPF hello timers are different so that they do not compete. 

D. Make sure that the FSPF dead timers are both set to 0. 


Q14. Refer to the exhibit. 

When your customers have NPV problems, which three actions should you take? (Choose three.) 

A. Verify that the NPV core switch supports NPIV and that it is enabled. 

B. Verify that all ports are properly configured and connected. 

C. Ensure that the VLAN values are configured on both sides of the NPV core switch. 

D. Verify the status of the servers and external interfaces, using the show npv server status command. 

E. Ensure that the VSAN value that is configured on the device links is correct. 

F. For all the device links, ensure that the port mode on the NPV device is in Full_port mode. 

Answer: ABE 

Q15. Which CLI command can tell which switch is on the other side of port channel 2 that is trunking VSAN 5? 

A. show topology vsan 5 

B. show interface port-channel 2 trunk vsan 5 

C. show interface port-channel 2 vsan 5 peer-info 

D. show fcs vsan 5 

E. show fspf database vsan 5 interface port-channel 2 


Q16. On the secondary vPC switch, under which circumstance does the vPC autorecovery feature not bring up the vPC member ports? 

A. Peer link fails, and subsequently, the peer-keepalive link fails. 

B. Peer link is up, and the peer-keepalive link fails. 

C. Both vPC peers are reloaded, and the primary does not come back up. 

D. Peer link fails, and subsequently, the primary switch fails. 


Q17. Which two commands will show all the OTV edge devices and their MAC addresses in all sites in the overlay? (Choose two.) 

A. show otv adjacency overlay 

B. show otv site 

C. show otv vlan 

D. show otv adjacency 

E. show mac address-table 

Answer: AD 

Q18. Cisco UCS users residing behind N5K2 are complaining about poor performance with a single LAN application in the data center. Which statement best explains what is wrong with N5K2? 

A. Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address. 

B. Port channel members do not have equal bandwidths. 

C. The trunk between the Nexus 5000 switches is filtering all VLANs. 

D. E2/1 on N7010-C2 is not configured as a trunk for application traffic from N5K2. 



Traffic balancing is based on the destination IP address

Use the “show port-channel load-balance” command to verify.

Q19. Which statement is true regarding FHRP considerations for an OTV network? 

A. VRRP is recommended over HSRP or GLBP. 

B. Using an AED eliminates the need for FHRP. 

C. FHRP should be limited to only the internal OTV interfaces. 

D. Filtering FHRP across the OTV network is recommended to avoid a suboptimal path due to the election of a single default gateway. 


Q20. Which tools can assist in the troubleshooting of FC-0 issues? (Choose three.) 

A. FC analyzer 


C. Device Manager 

D. show interface fc1/1 optical-power-budget 


F. a portable protocol analyzer 

Answer: ACF 

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