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2021 Jan cisco 642-999 dumps:

Q1. After staging a VEM file on a VMware ESXi 5.0 host in the /tmp directory, what is the correct command syntax to install the VEM? 

A. esxcli software vib install –d /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode 

B. esxcli software vib install –v /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode 

C. esxupdate software vib install –d /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.zip -maintenance-mode 

D. esxupdate software vib install –v /tmp/VEM500-20110825132140-BG-release.vib -maintenance-mode 


Q2. What is a true statement concerning automatic Fibre Channel pinning on a Cisco Unified Computing System 62XX Fabric Interconnect? 

A. By default, uplink Fibre Channel interfaces are configured for VSAN trunking. 

B. Using NPV, each downstream server will be pinned to an uplink port that is based on a PIN group. 

C. The Fibre Channel pinning process is implemented differently than end-host MAC address pinning. 

D. With VSAN trunking, the automatic pinning of server traffic to Fibre Channel uplink ports will be based on the server WWN. 


Q3. Which two of the listed BIOS options are required for VM-FEX in high performance mode? (Choose two.) 


B. interrupt coherency 

C. virtualization technology 

D. cache validation 

E. ATS support 

Answer: CE 

Q4. What are the default settings of the Cisco IMCCIMC NIC properties on a standalone Cisco UCS C-Series server? 

A. 'Shared LOM' NIC mode with 'Active-active' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled 

B. 'Shared LOM' NIC mode with 'Active-standby' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled 

C. 'Dedicated' NIC mode with 'Active-standby' NIC redundancy DHCP disabled 

D. 'Dedicated' NIC mode with 'None' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled 

E. 'Cisco Card' NIC mode with 'Active-active' NIC redundancy and DHCP enabled 


Q5. The Cisco UCS administrator has the chassis discovery policy set to "2-link". The administrator connects a new chassis to the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects using four links. Which option about link utilization is true? 

A. The Cisco UCS will use two links until the chassis is reacknowledged, after which it will use all four links. 

B. The Cisco UCS will use all four links for discovery. 

C. The Cisco UCS will use only two links. The other two links are unusable. 

D. The Cisco UCS will use only two links. However, the administrator can manually pin traffic to the extra links by using service profiles. 


Up to the minute 642-999 pass4sure:

Q6. Which Cisco UCS Manager feature allows you to specify multiple LDAP servers for user authentication? 

A. Realm 

B. LDAP Provider Group 

C. Authentication Domain 

D. Organization 


Q7. Which backup option must be used for a system restore? 

A. full state 

B. all configuration 

C. system configuration 

D. logical configuration 

E. incremental 


Q8. Which protocol is not supported for Cisco UCS backups and imports? 







Q9. Which feature must be configured for Linux VMs to be able to transition from Cisco VM-FEX standard mode to universal passthrough mode? 


B. MSI Interrupt Mode 

C. VEMDPA Agent 

D. Execute Disabled Bit 

E. Processor C State 


Q10. If a customer wants to maximize the capability of server mobility with the Cisco UCS deployment, what two options are Cisco recommended? (Choose two.) 

A. Configure a server inheritance policy. 

B. Configure a Virtual Media boot. 

C. Configure a hardware-based service profile with burned-in addresses and identities. 

D. Configure boot from SAN. 

E. Configure service profiles with resource pools. 

Answer: DE 

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