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How to pass exam 98 365 in Sep 2021

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Q21. Which of the following explicit NTFS permissions overrides all other permissions? 

A. Take Ownership 

B. Deny Full Control 

C. Allow Full Control 

D. Allow Read & Write 

Answer: B

Q22. Which of the following statements regarding groups are TRUE? 

A. You can assign permissions to a security group. 

B. You can assign permissions to a domain local group. 

C. You can assign permissions to a global group. 

D. You can assign permissions to a universal group. 

Answer: A

Q23. How much RAM does a system require to run Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition? 

A. 128 MB 

B. 512 MB 

C. 1 GB 

D. 4 GB 

E. 8 GB 

F. 16 GB 

Answer: B

Q24. Which of the following hard disk drives provide the best performance? 

A. RAID-5 

B. Sata 

C. eSata 



Q25. Which of the following provide the fault tolerance? 



C. Sata6G 

D. eSata 


Answer: A

Q26. You work as a system administrator at ABC.com. You are troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 computer on which you've just installed a new device. You want to restart Windows with the previous registry settings and device driver configuration. Which option should you select? 

A. Use the Safe Mode boot option. 

B. Use the Last Known Good Configuration boot option. 

C. Use the Recovery Console. 

D. Use the Boot with Debugger boot option 

Answer: B

Q27. Which of the following can be used to access older versions of files and folders? 

A. incremental backups 

B. differential backups 

C. shadow copies 

D. File Distribution Services 

Answer: C

Q28. In Windows Server 2008, where would you rename the computer? 

A. In My Computer. 

B. In System. 

C. In Windows Explorer. 

D. In Administrative Tools. 

E. In Folder Options. 

Answer: B

Q29. Which of the following is required in Windows Server 2008 for print sharing? 

A. The File Replication Service 

B. The Server Service 

C. The Computer Browser Service 

D. The WebClient Service 

E. The Terminal Service 


Q30. Where would you find the default print spool folder? 

A. C:\Users\<%USERNAME%>\Printers 

B. C:\Windows\System\Printers 

C. C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers 

D. C:\Users\<%USERNAME%>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Spool\Printers 


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