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2021 Nov mta 98-365 practice questions:

Q33. Which of the following is used to resolve a host name to an IP address? 

A. A DNS server. 

B. A domain controller. 

C. An lmhost file. 

D. AN IIS server. 

Answer: A

Q34. Which of the following protocols is the default protocol that Active Directory uses to authenticate domain users? 

A. Kerberos 


C. Integrated Windows Authentication 



Answer: A

Q35. Which of the following is a logical reference that allows for the management of a disk array? 





Answer: B

Q36. Which of the following would you use to configure the IP address of a Windows Server 2008 R2 computer? 

A. Network and Sharing Center 

B. System Properties 

C. My Computer 

D. Active Directory Users and Computers 


Answer: A

Q37. Where would you perform configuration changes on Windows Server 2008? 

A. In the Control Panel. 

B. In Administrative Tools. 

C. In the UAC. 

D. In System Monitor. 

Answer: A

Q38. You work as a server administrator at ABC.com. You need to troubleshoot a Windows Server 2008 computer. You want to view the processor and memory utilization on the server. What utility should you use? 

A. Task Manager 

B. Device Manager 

C. Windows Explorer 

D. Control Panel 

E. Performance 

Answer: A

Q39. You work as a domain administrator at ABC.com. You need to standardize the desktop on all Windows client computers in the domain. Which utility should you use? 

A. Group Policy 

B. Remote Desktop 

C. Roaming Profiles 


Answer: A

Q40. Which of the following provides a minimum server environment? 

A. Virtualization 

B. Windows PE 

C. BareMetal Server 

D. Server Core 

Answer: D

Up to the immediate present microsoft mta exam 98-365:

Q41. In a(n) ________ user accounts are stored on a centralized computer rather than on every computer in the organization. 

A. workgroup 

B. network 

C. domain 

D. forest 

E. enterprise 

Answer: C

Q42. In which of the following can a disjointed namespace be used? 

A. A domain 

B. A forest 

C. A tree 

D. An Organizational Unit 

E. Active Directory 

Answer: B

Q43. How much RAM does Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation Edition support? 

A. 8 GB 

B. 16 GB 

C. 32 GB 

D. 64 GB 

E. 128 GB 

Answer: C

Q44. In Window Server 2008 R2, where is the BOOTMGR located? 

A. C:/Windows/System32 



D. ntdetect.com 

Answer: B

Q45. You work as a system administrator at ABC.com. You are troubleshooting a Windows Server 2008 computer on which you've just installed a new device. You want to restart Windows with the previous registry settings and device driver configuration. Which option should you select? 

A. Use the Safe Mode boot option. 

B. Use the Last Known Good Configuration boot option. 

C. Use the Recovery Console. 

D. Use the Boot with Debugger boot option 

Answer: B

Q46. RAID 0 improves performance by implementing _______. 

A. striping 

B. disk mirroring 

C. parity 

D. striping with parity 


Q47. What is the maximum number of primary partitions that MBR supports on a single disk drive? 

A. 2 

B. 4 

C. 8 

D. 16 

E. 32 

Answer: B

Q48. What type of network address does a server normally have? 

A. An IPv4 address. 

B. A static address. 

C. A DHCP assigned address. 

D. An IPv6 address. 

E. A NetBIOS address. 

Answer: B

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