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Traffic from a social media campaign on was tracked in Adobe Analytics with the use of the tracking code paramter.
Some settings of the used report suite are presented below.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Based solely on he provided information, which two situations may be possible when breaking down this campaign traffic by marketing Channels? (choose two.)

  • A. All the visits are from Organic Search.
  • B. All visits are from Direct Traffic.
  • C. Some of the visits are from Display and others are from Direct traffic.
  • D. Some visits are from Social Media, other are from Display, and the rest are from Natural search.
  • E. Some of the visits are from Social Media and other are from Direct traffic.

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
If the logic between the two containers within the segment is changed from ‘’OR’’ to ‘’AND’’, what will occur?

  • A. No orders will be displayed.
  • B. All the cart additions that are greater than or equal to seven will be displayed.
  • C. The orders that are below seven will be displayed
  • D. The orders that are above seven will be discovered.

Answer: C

An analyst has business requirements to report on video engagement of visitors who arrive via paid search on a mobile device compared with visitors who arrive via paid search on tabled.
What should the analyst create to meet this business requirement?

  • A. A data warehouse report with the following metric/dimensions: video completion rat
  • B. Mobile rate.Mobile tablet, paid search unique visitors
  • C. A single segment (visits from paid search, mobile and tablet) and apply to the video report to show thecomparison
  • D. A data segment (visits from paid search, mobile and tablet) and apply to the video report to show the comparison
  • E. Two segment (Visit from paid search and mobile and visits from paid Search and tablet) and apply to the video report to show the comparison

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Analyzing results from multinational e-commerce, a data analyst realize much of the product view results and orders are being mapped to an ‘’unspecified’’ department name.
What is the probable cause?

  • A. Product View is not the proper metric for Product Department thus causing the appearance of Unspecified.’’
  • B. Product Department is a classification of product dat
  • C. The products are not correctly updated or defined in classifications.
  • D. Depending on time of the day, the Adobe Al will take longer to process Numeric 2 classifications.
  • E. Not all products will have a defined name and departmen
  • F. The unspecified is an expected behavior.

Answer: A

A company has been using Adobe Analyst for many years. Throughout this period, data needs have changed and some variables no longer make sense with historical records.
What is one possible solution for re-purposing a variable?

  • A. Create a new report Suite with new definition so that the previous data is overwritten.
  • B. Create a Data, and overwrite the old eVar data into data with new data.
  • C. Use a SAINT Classification to sort the old data into a new default.
  • D. Us the reset Conversion variables option to delete the previous data.

Answer: B

A web analyst is viewing a report in an Analytics’ Workspace freeform table and sees a dark grey triangle.
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
What is the specifying in the report?

  • A. Incomplete data
  • B. End of data set
  • C. Data anomaly detected
  • D. Data includes outside data source

Answer: D

A software company released a new product Software44.ID:12345. When analyzing the products report in order to see how the orders performed since the release of Software4, the product Name report looks like this:
* Software1:144 orders
* Software2:139 orders
* Software3: 58 orders
* Unspecified: 21 orders
The marketing manager wants Unspecified to appear with the product name in the report. What should the analyst do?

  • A. Delete the rule set in Classification Rule Builder with all listed product IDs and product names.
  • B. Tell the marketing manager that it cannot be changed the issue comes from the ecommerce/IT team and how they configured the product.
  • C. Updated the Classification Imported file with 12345 value for product Software4.
  • D. Update the Classification file with Software product name for 12345.

Answer: A

A business owner wants to identify the percentage of people registered in their insurance plan who are over age 65.
Which calculate metric definition should be used to answer the business question?

  • A. Registration Completes of users over the age of 65/registration completes.
  • B. Registration Completes/Unique Visitors over the age 65
  • C. Registration Completes/Registration Completes of user over the age of 65.
  • D. Registration completes of users over the age of 65 registration completes of under the age of 65

Answer: A

An analyst wants to use all of the following variables to configure a single fallout report:
* Landing page prop
* Marketing channel eVar
* Product view event
* Product category eVar
Which tool should the analyst use?

  • A. Workspace
  • B. Reports and analyst
  • C. Data Warehouse
  • D. Segment builder

Answer: B

How would the analyst create a segment for a new visitor’?

  • A. Use a segment container of “visitor”, where visit number is less than 1
  • B. Use a segment container of “hit”, where visit number is less than 1
  • C. Use a segment container of “visitor”, where visit number = 1
  • D. Use a segment container of “hit”, where visit number = 1

Answer: C

Analyzing the data in the image below, a data analyst verifies that the report of ‘’entries’’ per page, shows that the HomePage A’’ page is responsible for only 3.4% of the total entries to the site:
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Analyzing the data in the image below. A data analyst verifies that the report of ‘’entries’’ per page, shows that the HomePage A’’ page responsible for only 4.4% of the total entries to the site:
AD0-E202 dumps exhibit
Based on both images and knowledge on the standard metrics of Adobe Analytics, which statement is correct?

  • A. The page Dimension should be used exclusively with the metric of page Views avoiding false analysis.
  • B. Occurrences refers to all hits associated with a particular entry page, also counting events Triggered throughout the session.
  • C. The entry page Dimension refers exclusively to the first page that a visitor lands on the site throughout its history, so there are distortions regarding the period of analysis.
  • D. The entries metric refers to entries on a given page, and is counted every time the page loads on a visit.

Answer: C

The SDR document states that an eVar expires after each visit. In the first visit ‘’value A is collected. How would the evar be populated for the second visit if the evar only collects values on the first visit.

  • A. Unspecified
  • B. (not collected)
  • C. Value A
  • D. Value B

Answer: B

Segment used as checkpoint in a Fallout Visualization with four checkpoints must always use which container already?

  • A. A container that is a high level then the overall context of the Fallout Visualization.
  • B. A container that is at a visit level for the overall context of the fallout Visualization
  • C. A container that is at a lower level than the overall context of the fallout Visualization
  • D. A container that is at a Visitor level for the overall context of the fallout Visualization

Answer: C

Anomaly detection alerts the analytics team to a spike in product view on a specific views on a specific item. User further investigation the discovers that a remarketing partner is sending illegitimate traffic to the website. Business partners are asking that the analyst team exclude the traffic from both future report and past reports.
How can this request be accomplished?

  • A. Create a processing rule to exclude the traffic.
  • B. Create a segment excluding the traffic.
  • C. Add offending IP addresses to bot rules to exclude the traffic.
  • D. Work with Adobe Engineer to create a VISTA rule to exclude the traffic

Answer: A

A company just hired a new analyst. The new resource does not have any previous experience with Adobe Analytics but does with a different free Analytics tool, which is also install on the website for remarketing proposes. When analyzing Bounce Rate in both of the tool, the sees a significant different between them.
What is a possible reason for this different considering the implementation do not have any issues?

  • A. In Adobe Analyst Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Session divided by Enterie
  • B. In some other Analytics tools, Bounce rate is calculated using the formula Single session divided by session.
  • C. They way Adobe analytics visitors is different from the rest of the market based on IP addresses.
  • D. In Adobe Analytics calculate Visitors is different from the rest of the market based on IP addresses.
  • E. In Adobe Analytics, Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Bounces divided by Entries ‘’. In some other Analytic tool
  • F. Bounce rate is calculated using the formula ‘’Single-page session divided by sessions.’’
  • G. Metrics can never be compared between two different tools

Answer: C

An analyst has been given a list of dimension available to conduct an analysis on their hospital’s site . The Solution Design Reference (SDR) contains:
Event -Start Appointment Booking - Set on: Appointment Booking Start event2 - Booking Complete Set on Booking Complete eVar Doctor - Type Set on event evar2 - number of available Appointments - Set on event prop Appointment patting
Given the SDR which report can be generated?

  • A. Booking Completion Rate
  • B. Time to Book an Appointment
  • C. Length of appointments
  • D. Missed appointments

Answer: B

An Analyst need to create a report using a mix of pages viewed by visitors and customer events to understand where visitors abandon the process.
Which type of report should the analyst create?

  • A. A patting report within Report
  • B. A Pathfinder report within workspace
  • C. A fallout analyst within Workspace
  • D. A custom event funnel within Reports

Answer: B

When a segment is created from within a report by dragging a component on the segment area, it is possible to re-use It in another report?

  • A. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this segment public’.
  • B. No, it is not possible.
  • C. Yes, by editing the segment and checking ‘’Make this an Experience Cloud audience.’’
  • D. Yes it is automatically available is the segment list.

Answer: C

The website manager asks an analyst to provide an analyst for the churn rate over a period of time among the visitors of product pages.
Which visualization should the analyst choose in order to support the analysis?

  • A. Products Conversion Funnel
  • B. Cohort table
  • C. Fallout
  • D. Histogram

Answer: B

A visitor decides to download the white paper ‘’Jobs of the Future’’ from a financial service
Institutions online publication. While the download Event is triggered the evar56 which captures downloaded file named not fire.
Consider the following eVar setting set at Hit level and Allocation is Most recent (last)
What will the analyst see as the value for evar56 when looking at the number of downloads by file.

  • A. Unspecified
  • B. Jobs of the Future Other
  • C. Other
  • D. None

Answer: A

A the analyst team has created an Analyst Workspace project featuring a Cohort Table and a Scatter Visualization. The executive team, which does not have Analytics access, has requested distribution of the report.
Which available file format should be used for distribution of the report?

  • A. PFF
  • B. PTT
  • C. CSV
  • D. XLSZ

Answer: C

An administrator wants to share a segment with all users in the organization. What are two best practices for sharing the segments with all users? (Choose two.)

  • A. Tagging the segment
  • B. Making and sharing a copy of the segment
  • C. Approving the segment
  • D. Sharing the segment with the Experience Cloud
  • E. Sharing the segment with all groups separately

Answer: BC

How many touch point can be added to a Fallout Visualization?

  • A. 10
  • B. 8
  • C. Unlimited
  • D. 5

Answer: D


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