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Behavioral contracts must includE.

  • A. a summary of the functional assessment; the target behavior; and the consequences for its occurrence and non-occurrenc
  • B. vocal descriptions of how the behavior is to be measured; the consequences for its occurrence and non-occurrence; the contract manager; and the target behavio
  • C. written descriptions of how the behavior is to be measured; when behavior must occur; the consequences for its occurrence and non-occurrence; the contract manager; and the target behavio
  • D. a summary of the functional assessment; written descriptions of how the behavior is to be measured; when behavior must occur; the contract manager; and the target behavio

Answer: C

A behavior analyst is working with an adult client, who is deemed competent. There are multiple potential behavior targets that need to be addressed including smoking cigarettes, nail biting, and compulsive hand washing. As a first goal, the behavior analyst wants the client to focus on eliminating smoking but the client would prefer to focus on nail biting. The behavior analyst shoulD.

  • A. develop a self-management plan for eliminating nail biting as this is the preference of the clien
  • B. develop a self-management plan for eliminating smoking as this behavior poses a serious health risk for the clien
  • C. convince the client to change their first goal to elimination of smokin
  • D. refer the client to another behavior analyst as there is a discrepancy in goal setting prioritie

Answer: A

Trials to criterion is an appropriate measure of which dimension of behavior?

  • A. duration of on task behavior
  • B. latency of task initiation
  • C. accuracy during a shaping procedure
  • D. quality of a student's essay writing

Answer: C

An establishing operation is any change in the environment whicH.

  • A. momentarily alters the effectiveness of the consequence for a behavior that was previously followed by reinforcemen
  • B. alters the timing of a behavior and momentarily alters the frequency of the behavior that was previously followed by reinforcemen
  • C. alters the effectiveness of some object or event as reinforcement thus momentarily changing the likelihood of behavior that was previously followed by that reinforce
  • D. alters the effectiveness of some object or event as a contingency-shaped rule and at the same time changes the momentary frequency of the behavior that was previously followed by reinforcemen

Answer: C

To teach Beth to wash her hands, staff trained Beth in all the steps identified in the task analysis in each session. They also introduced prompts in successive levels if Beth did not respond after a two-second waiting period. Which behavior chaining procedure was used in this program?

  • A. backward
  • B. forward
  • C. global
  • D. total task

Answer: D

Disruptive behavior occurs at a moderate rate and consistent intensity level throughout the school day. How should the teacher collect data on the behavior?

  • A. Keep a running tally of the occurrences on the chalk boar
  • B. Record each occurrence using a portable counte
  • C. Use a timer and record the number of minutes for each occurrenc
  • D. Document whether or not the behavior occurred every hou

Answer: B

Narrative recording is used to compilE.

  • A. data on various tasks the person can perform, such as putting on a shirt or tying shoe laces, to further identify skills training goal
  • B. demographic data such as age, marital status, sex, and educational experience and to identify appropriate intervention
  • C. information, which can be used to set inclusion goals, concerning proximity and social contacts with non-disabled peers in segregated setting
  • D. a running account of the behaviors and environmental circumstances to identify further behaviors and related variables worthy of analysi

Answer: D

A mother wants to reduce the amount of time that it takes for her son to come to her when she calls him. What should be measured?

  • A. latency
  • B. inter-response time
  • C. duration
  • D. rate

Answer: A

In a token economy, what type of reinforcers are the tokens themselves?

  • A. conditional reinforcers
  • B. generalized conditioned reinforcers
  • C. generalized unconditioned reinforcers
  • D. unconditional reinforcers

Answer: B

In order to decrease the occurrence of an inappropriate behavior effectively, a behavior analyst should simultaneously increasE.

  • A. reinforcement for all other behavior
  • B. acceptable alternative behavior
  • C. consequences for inappropriate behavio
  • D. response effort for incompatible behavior

Answer: B

Before recruitment of participants for a research study begins, a behavior analyst needs to:

  • A. obtain consent from participant(s) or legal guardian(s) if necessar
  • B. obtain institutional review board approval or equivalent (e.g., an ethics committee).
  • C. inform participants of their ability to withdraw from the stud
  • D. inform participants about ethical requirements and experimental procedure

Answer: B

The employees at a group home have not been meeting their supervisor's expectations concerning on-time arrival to work. To address this issue, their supervisor implemented an intervention that allows for each staff member who arrives on time for all scheduled shifts in a given week to obtain an extended lunch break on Fridays. What type of intervention was implemented?

  • A. Contingency contract
  • B. Dependent group contingency
  • C. Independent group contingency
  • D. Interdependent group contingency

Answer: C

Steven lives in a group home with four other men. Most of his housemates spend about equal amounts of time in the living room and the recreation room. Steven spends about 75% of his free time in the living room and 25% in the recreation room. Staff observations have shown that staff attention is very reinforcing for Steven. If the matching law is operating in this scenario, what is the predicted rate of staff attention to Steven in the living room?

  • A. It is 1/3 of the rate in the recreation roo
  • B. It is 3 times the rate in the recreation roo
  • C. It matches the rate of attention in the recreation roo
  • D. It matches the average rate of attention in the two room

Answer: B

A behavior analyst is conducting research on the accuracy of a student's responding to written math problems based on the final answer with no scoring of intermediate calculations. Which is the BEST method for obtaining accurate inter-observer agreement results?

  • A. Researcher and observer sit together to score the student's wor
  • B. Photocopies of the student's work are scored independently by researcher and observe
  • C. The student's scratch paper is scored if researcher and observer do not agree on a respons
  • D. Researcher scores the student's work and the observer reviews the researcher's scores for accurac

Answer: B

Which action would MOST likely increase the effectiveness of a punishment procedure?

  • A. Clearly explain the punishment consequences to the person whose behavior is targeted for reductio
  • B. Eliminate the reinforcement contingency maintaining the target behavio
  • C. Ensure that the punisher fits the target behavio
  • D. Progressively increase the intensity of the punishe

Answer: B

Three boys with autism, ages 7–10 years old, served as participants in a study. During baseline,
staff used response blocking when five instances of aggression or head-banging occurred within
10 seconds, until attempts ceased for 1 minute. During baseline and treatment, each occurrence
of aggression and head-banging was recorded daily and converted to the number of responses
per hour. Treatment comprised a differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior (DRI)
schedule coupled with response blocking after every head-banging or aggression. The staff
initially applied the treatment to head-banging, while continuing to take a baseline on aggression.
After noting treatment effects on head-banging, the staff then applied the treatment to aggression.
In this scenario, how was direct replication shown?

  • A. Baseline and intervention conditions were include
  • B. A baseline condition was implemente
  • C. A changing criterion design was used wherein the criterion for reinforcement was gradually changed over tim
  • D. The intervention was implemented in a staggered fashion across target behaviors after the initial baselin

Answer: D

A child's behavior is being reinforced on a VR 8 schedule during intensive teaching. During the sessions, the child begins to get out of the chair. In order to address this problem, the behavior analyst should switch to which schedule?

  • A. VR 1
  • B. FR 6
  • C. FR 8
  • D. VR 4

Answer: D

Which is the BEST description of the results obtained during the second session of the baseline condition?

  • A. The behavior had an increasing tren
  • B. The frequency was 7.
  • C. The level was lo
  • D. The behavior was stabl

Answer: B

Which is the BEST example of stimulus generalization?

  • A. Bonnie learned to choose and wear coordinated outfits but after one month she would only select red outfit
  • B. Jim was taught to say "hello" and continues to say "hello" to his traine
  • C. Ricky became more productive in math and simultaneously his reading improve
  • D. Tim learned to ask for help from his teacher and now can ask a fellow student for hel

Answer: D

Sue consults with her supervisor to be certain her procedures are conceptually systematic. Conceptually systematic procedures are

  • A. based on empirical evidence of their effectivenes
  • B. derived from experimental analysis of similar behavior in the fiel
  • C. identifiers of functional relations between a behavioral dimension and an environmental even
  • D. linked to and described in terms of the basic principles of behavio

Answer: D

When a child is taught to perform a certain behavior in the presence of certain specific stimuli, and not in the presence of other stimuli, this procedure is calleD.

  • A. discrete trial trainin
  • B. controlling stimulus trainin
  • C. conditioned stimulus learnin
  • D. stimulus discrimination learnin

Answer: D

A behavior analyst responsible for the evaluation of a behavior change program has been unable to get others to collect data on the targeted behaviors. The others involved, including other service providers, are relying on personal anecdotes and questionnaires to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. The primary consumer reports satisfaction with the results so far. To evaluate the program, the behavior analyst should:

  • A. check the reliability from the questionnaire's informatio
  • B. conduct formal interviews to supplement the available informatio
  • C. obtain data on the targeted behavior
  • D. use available information onl

Answer: C

The purpose of including untaught items or tasks within a Discrete Trial Instruction program is to assess:

  • A. contex
  • B. fluenc
  • C. generalizatio
  • D. master

Answer: C

To change the occurrence of hitting others, two procedures were compareD. differential
reinforcement of incompatible behavior and time-out. The outcomes were examined within and
across subjects. A withdrawal design was employed. An independent variable in this study was:

  • A. aggressio
  • B. frequency across phase change
  • C. return to baselin
  • D. time-out from reinforcemen

Answer: D

Tony is supervising a work crew at the post office. Every day, his clients are supposed to check each waste bin and empty those that contain trash. Tony takes data on the number of waste bins emptied by the crew. In order to report data in terms of percentage of occurrence Tony MUST also know:

  • A. that some waste bins contained tras
  • B. how many waste bins contained tras
  • C. how many waste bins were in the offic
  • D. This behavior is not amenable to percent of occurrence reportin

Answer: B


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