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Which two recommendations should a Cloud Advisor make to a client looking to implement high availability application In a cloud? (Select 2)

  • A. Disable all logging to ensure high throughput for each component
  • B. Store state locally in each application component
  • C. Have graceful failure modes
  • D. Build redundancy at each layer and avoid single of failure.
  • E. Optimize applications on SOA-based architecture

Answer: DE

Which IBM offering can be used to create APIs?

  • A. IBM Data Power
  • B. IBM StrongLoop
  • C. IBM API Harmony
  • D. IBM Castlron

Answer: C

Jacob Is creating a repository for long-term storage of large amounts of sensitive data He has the choice of several different approaches He needs to ensure that his data is protected (he may be storing PII or other sensitive information) and that there is no residual recoverable data when he deletes his data What is the most compelling from a security point of view?

  • A. IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • B. SoftLayer Object Store (Swift)
  • C. BIueIVIix Dedicated Object Store
  • D. BIueBox Block Storage (Cinder)

Answer: C

Which statement is true about the benefits of using patterns in cloud services?

  • A. Workloads running on public clouds are billed at the same rate across multiple cloud providers.
  • B. When software is deployed as a pattern, virtual machines are automatically transformed into Docker containers.
  • C. Routine tasks are automated through simplified life cycle management and reducing the cost ofmaintenance and support.
  • D. Patterns alleviate the need to incur software incense charge

Answer: D

Which statement is true about Software Denned Network (SDN)?

  • A. SDN are security standards that increase environment performance
  • B. SDN provides a breakdown, by time, of the quantity and distribution of the unbind transactions found within the audit log.
  • C. SDN disables group conflict resolution if the environment is configured for replication.
  • D. SDN decouples the network control and forwarding layer functions

Answer: D

Which statement is true about Platform-as-a-Service?

  • A. The customer is responsible for managing the operating system.
  • B. The cloud service provider is responsible for managing the data.
  • C. The cloud service is responsible for managing the middleware.
  • D. The developer is responsible for patching the hyperviso

Answer: C

What does a virtual network in cloud computing Involve?

  • A. Network functions delivered as software instead of hardware.
  • B. Firmware control of load balancing and firewalls.
  • C. Restarting of any network device using software
  • D. IVIicrocode configuration of routers and switches

Answer: A

Which architectural artifact captures information related to reliability, performance, scalability and security?

  • A. functional requirements
  • B. use cases
  • C. non-functional requirements
  • D. system context diagram

Answer: C

What is a Software Defined Data Center in a reference to cloud computing?

  • A. it is a term for computer data storage technologies which separate storage hardware from the software that managers the storage infrastructure.
  • B. it is the ability to capture information about workload and the way information is processes, so levels or objectives can be set from a workload perspective and can be managed according to the service level agreement.
  • C. it is a place where vendors come to develop new open standards.
  • D. Is it a vision for IT infrastructure that extends virtualization concepts such as abstraction, pooling and automation to all of the data center's resources and services.

Answer: D

What is the primary benefit for users of a Platform as a Service offering?

  • A. A user can spend more time developing their application.
  • B. A user accesses an application that is running in a shared environment and pays per use.
  • C. A user can easily access a virtual machine platform to develop their application.
  • D. A user can get better performance than using dedicated on premises hardwar

Answer: C

An infrastructure as a Service cloud provider provides both single tenant and multi-tenant virtual machine based cloud offerings using the Xen hypervisor. A zero-day vulnerability is found with Xen and is being reported and managed by the closed community established by Xen for managing these types of situations The cloud provider is a member of this closed community What is the communication flow between cloud provider and customer throughout the management and resolution of this issue9

  • A. Closed community to customer - notification that there is a vulnerability and that customer must notify cloud provider to schedule updates/remediate on.
  • B. Customer to cloud provider - notification that there is a vulnerability and scheduling of vulnerability patch deployment to avoid impact on customer s production workload.
  • C. Cloud provider to customer - notification that there is a vulnerability and that cloud provider is taking steps to address
  • D. None - the cloud provider may not communicate anything to the customer until the communication of the vulnerability (embargo) is allowed by the closed community.

Answer: D

What are two popular open source automation tools?

  • A. Automatix
  • B. Puppet
  • C. Orchestrator
  • D. Chef
  • E. Kermit

Answer: BD

A client has workloads running in IBM Cloud Manager Services and identified additional workloads that are suited to run on IBM Softlayer. Which connectivity option should a cloud advisor recommend to
connect the two workloads?

  • A. AT&TNetBond
  • B. Direct Connect, using the clients preferred carrier to provide a dedicated private connection
  • C. IBM Softlayer Interconnect (SLI) service
  • D. Secure access through an IPsec based Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the Internet

Answer: C

What does the customer pay foe In a subscription-based pricing model?

  • A. The market price for the service, which varies over time based on supply and demand.
  • B. They pay the same amount regardless of the resources they used.
  • C. The usage that is correlated back to cloud consumers.
  • D. The amount of services actually used such as service function

Answer: B

What is the purpose of a self-service catalog?

  • A. it gathers the application requirements describing what needs to be created by the development team
  • B. it serves as the interface to automated service fulfillment using a cloud management platform.
  • C. It is a specifically tailored for standard configurations that do not need to scale
  • D. it enables requesting custom services in order to ensure the ownership of the hardware and software is assigned appropriately.

Answer: B

Which two services are examples of Infra structure-a s-a-Service? (Select 2)

  • A. IBM SoftLayer
  • B. IBM Verse
  • C. Amazon EC@
  • D. ServiceNow
  • E. Force.com

Answer: AD

Which two statements describe architectural principles of the Representational State transfer (REST) protocol? (Select 2)

  • A. A REST API can use UDP for transport.
  • B. State can be maintained on the Client.
  • C. Recourses are identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier
  • D. OAUTH can be used to secure the message transport layer D e State can be maintained by thirdparty service.
  • E. State can be maintained by third-party service.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true about mobile business applications?

  • A. Mobile business application provide operational analytics.
  • B. Mobile business application provide foundational capabilities.
  • C. Mobile business application provide additional mobile functionality not provided by Mobile Backend.
  • D. Mobile business application provide Service managemen

Answer: D

Which IBM solution helps clients monitor the user experience and track transactions?

  • A. IBM Application Performance Management
  • B. IBM Application Diagnostics
  • C. IBM Monitoring
  • D. IBM Business Service Manager

Answer: A

What are three essential cloud characteristics?

  • A. broad network access
  • B. on-demand self Service
  • C. economies of scale
  • D. measured service
  • E. vendor lock-in prevention
  • F. workload virtualization

Answer: ABD


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